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諮議委員會 Advisory Committee

       針對本校工業 4.0 中心相關發展,提供本中心之短中長期研究方向之意見,並提供本中心校外資源整合。委員七至十人得由產官學研工業 4.0 相關學者專家共同組成,由主任推薦,經校長同意後聘任,每兩年一聘。本委員會每年至少召開一次會議。會議設召集人一人,由出席委員互選之。

      Based on the developing goal of the industry 4.0 center, the committee is formed to provide advice of the research direction and consolidative resources. The committee is consisted of seven to ten industry 4.0 experts recommended by the director and appointed by the president with two-years term basis. The committee meeting is hosted at least once a year. The convener of the meeting is elected by attendees.