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執行委員會 Executive Committee



1.  規劃本中心之短中長期發展方向。

2.  研議本中心各委員會相關工作之整合及協調。

3.  規劃本中心教學及研究空間之運用。

4.  研提年度各項經費預算及分配方式建議。

5.  規劃本中心產學合作發展策略。

6.  研議本中心合作廠商之遴選、退場機制。

7.  針對合作廠商之合作事項,進行本中心與合作廠商相關工作之整合及協調。

8.  籌畫及執行本中心工業 4.0 相關研究及產學合作專案。

9.  規劃本中心國際合作發展策略。

10. 籌劃本中心之國際交流、國際互訪等相關工作。

11. 規劃本中心與本校於國際合作相關工作之整合及協調。

        The executive committee is formed to develop the short-term and  long-terms strategy of industry 4.0 center. The committee is consisted of seven to ten professors who are recommended by the director and agreed by the president. Two years for a term. 

        The main target of the executive committee are:

1.Planning the short-term and long-term development goal of center.

2.Deliberating center’s committees’ responsibility.

3.Planning center’s education and research space layout.

4.Suggesting annual budgeting and distribution advice.

5.Planning strategies of the industry-school cooperation.

6.Deliberating industry partnership.

7.Coordinating and consolidating tasks of cooperated industries, based on cooperation memorandums.

8.Planning and executing industry 4.0 researches and industry-university projects.

9.Planning the development of international cooperation.

10.Planning global communication and scheduling international visiting.

11.Planning coordinating and consolidating jobs about international affairs.