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教育訓練工作小組 Education and Training Working Group

      規劃本中心之教育訓練相關作業、並配合本校工業 4.0 人才培育計畫,研擬、修訂及執行本中心之教育訓練工作。本工作小組由主任指派召集人一人及工作小組成員數名。本小組之主要任務如下:

1.  規劃本中心教育訓練及人才培育發展策略。

2.  研議本中心教育訓練主題、師資培育及洽詢等相關工作。

3.  研議本中心專業認證辦法。

4.  規劃本中心與本校於人才培育相關工作之整合及協調。


       Planning educational training with talents cultivation plan. The group is consisted of a convener and several members appointed by the director.

       The main target of the education and training working group are:

1.Planning the educational training and the cultivation.

2.Deliberating main educational training topic, teacher cultivation etc.

3.Deliberating approaches of professional license identification.

4.Planning coordinating and consolidating jobs about talents cultivation.