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2020 Taiwan Tech AI Robot High School Competitive Camp

update date : 2020-11-18

2020 臺科盃

Activity Description

01.  Date:08/22/2020       

02.  Location:National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

03.  Organizer:國立臺灣科技大學校辦企業酷點校園、工業4.0中心

04.  Executive :中華知識經濟協會

05.  Lectures:National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Industry 4.0 Center's Professors

06.  Objective:High school and Vocational high school

07. This activity includes student safety insurance, food expenses, lecturer fees, venue equipment maintenance, and course material fees.

08. Certificate of Completion: All participants participating in the activity will be issued a certificate of completion of the camp by the Industry 4.0 Center of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

09Contest Certificate: The camp team and individual have outstanding performance in the competition, and they will be awarded a certificate by the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Industry 4.0 Center. 



In the morning, check in at the International Building and lead the students to visit the five campuses (EPSON Classroom, Industry 4.0 Center, Five-axis Processing Center, Artificial Intelligence Research Center, and Film Center).

After completion, they visit at Neihu Tesla in the afternoon.



All day activities were completed on the campus of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. At first, Vice President Zhu Jin, Director of the Industry 4.0 Center, Professor Guo Chongxian, and Professor Chen Mingzhi, Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, gave speeches. Associate Professor Lin Boting from the Department of Mechanical Engineering explained the competition rules, and then led the students to the research and development. The building conducts self-propelled vehicle production teaching, and arrives at the lecture hall of the Comprehensive Research Building in the evening to compete.

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