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成立宗旨 Objectives

The Taiwan Tech Industry 4.0 Center was opened in 2016  to develop industry 4.0 related technologies, cultivate high-tech talent, and achieving short-term as well as long-term strategic development goals. Taiwan Tech has built up a reputation for training outstanding engineers and managers in its regular undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as through on-the job programs for professionals in the industry. The Industry 4.0 Centre is an educational demo factory which emulates Germany's method of cultivating industry 4.0 talents.   

The main responsibilities of this center are to coordinate resources, offer inter- and multidisciplinary programs and courses, and provide domestic industries with the facilities and resources that are necessary to develop technologies and cultivate technological talent. 

The combination of “mission-oriented projects” and “practical education” is the core of the Industry 4.0 Centre's educational program. Our programs serve as the foundation for technological and scientific upgrading of our domestic industries. By offering industrial training courses in industry-university collaborative projects, we help to alleviate the shortage of industry 4.0 manpower and thus enhance the strategic competitiveness of those enterprises. Students will benefit from internship possibilities in industries which are related to their core specialization.

 What we do: 

1.Training for instructors:We provide cutting-edge professional courses and workshops for faculty  who offer industry 4.0 related courses.

2.Coordinating interdisciplinary programs:We coordinate and integrate resources from different departments at Taiwan Tech, and help establish Industry 4.0 related cross-departmental courses.

3.Introducing cutting edge equipment and technologies:By setting up an Industry 4.0 product line, we are able to demonstrate future concepts of production management and provide industrial level equipment and training to students.

4.Connecting Industry 4.0 enterprises and partner universities:We provide our partner schools with opportunities and resources to interact with industry and foster industry-university cooperation internships. · The industry 4.0 demonstration product line will help small and medium enterprises to transform and upgrade their production models.

5.Facilitating international cooperation:We with international industry 4.0 universities and enterprises, contribute to student exchange program, and help to organize international internships.